As a man, it’s hard to know how to dress in a way that really suits you. Trying new styles that are out of your comfort zone can leave you feeling really awkward and super self-conscious.

We have all had those moments of feeling like everyone is looking at you. However, there are some ways that you can rock your look and have confidence.

Step outside the box

Don’t be too scared of this one. But don’t go wild. There are just some styles that really aren’t fun. If you find yourself following the herd, then this one is really important. Just because someone else is wearing the recent trend, doesn’t mean that you have to.

Many guys have a horrible taste in style that they really can’t pull off. And you don’t want to follow that bandwagon. So when everyone is wearing Van’s old schools, grab a pair of Nike SBs.

Wear a watch

A small tweak to your look is a watch. Many guys don’t wear them, but they’re a simple way to add an extra layer of style. It’s such a small accessory, with a huge impact. Even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt.

You don’t need a Rolex to look good, you can pick up so many awesome looking watches from many different places, and it won’t cost you a fortune. Don’t go for the oversized, busy, multi-functional watch. Keep it real simple.

Choose your brand

Find a brand you like and believe in. Try a variety, and don’t just stick to the ones everyone else is wearing. Look for new and upcoming clothing brands and give them a go.

Have a few go to pieces that you know you’re happy with, that fit you just right, and start to merge your outfit with different brands. Remember that the popular styles will never age, so try to find similar styles to the classics, but switch up the super cool new brand you found.

Choose a hairstyle that suits you

Something you always want to take account when it comes to dressing well is your grooming. Some of you may already have a hairstyle that you like and that suits you. Do your research, find a style that fits your overall look and stick with it.

Invest in the classics

The timeless classics are a great timeless investment. If you have a bunch of go-to outfits, then you’re always going to feel comfortable, even if you try a tweak your look. Some classics essential to your wardrobe can be chinos, leather jacket, Chuck Tailors, raw denim etc.

Don’t neglect your feet

Your whole outfit can be destroyed by what you wear on your feet. You may have the best shirt and trouser combo, but if you’re rocking some nasty shoes it will throw everything off.

It’s really easy to go for the basics. Something like a Stan Smith clean white shoe that can be worn with both casual and smart outfits. Or get hold of some Chelsea boots as they do the exact same thing.

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