The exterior human body was created to be super efficient. The brain is no different. It’s constantly protecting you from overload sometimes doesn’t hold onto information.

This is one of the reasons you can forget things. And most of the time, after an hour or so, the information you’ve gathered quickly fly away from your brain sacks. Mainly due to not using the info, or repeating it.

According to science and shit, there’s a forgetting curve memory thing. According to the curve, we are likely to halve our memory of newly learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless we consciously review the learned material.

Have no fear though, the brain is pretty damn smart. Here are some ways to add learn things faster than anyone else.

Get your brain in the gym

The more you work your brain, the stronger it gets. Challenge yourself, and try to learn something new.

It can literally be anything, and the internet has an unlimited amount of information available. The hardest thing for you is to decide what to focus on.

Use visual cues

Everyone learns differently, but it’s quite surprising how well you can remember stuff when there’s some visual clue next to it.

For example, forgetting your keys or wallet is a bitch. A quick way to reduce time wandering around your house or apartment scratching your balls is to take a moment to look around the area you placed the keys and wallet.

A key mental visual note of anything that stands out next to them. This will help you remember where you left them in that area, rather than the remembering the object.

Bunch up information | lifestyle magazine

Bunch up information

Our brains are pretty good at holding onto information when it’s placed into bite-sized pieces, instead of the whole thing at once.

For example, trying to remember a set of numbers. Let’s take ‘895603’, and just break it up into 89, 56, 03. Breaking these into small segments makes it much easier to handle.

The same goes for information when learning, studying or just doing work. Place into short bullets, and you’ll remember them much quicker.

Positioning effect | Lifestyle magazine

The serial positioning effect

We have some funny hacks tied up in our brain. Such as the Serial-positioning effect. This wonderful in-built effect helps you recall the first and last items in a series best, and the middle items worst.

A good way to use this is to place the most important information at the beginning, and the end of whatever you’re doing.

Making notes is a fun one, as you can place the stuff you want to remember at the beginning and the end, and the middle can be filled with the supporting information.

keep it relative | lifestyle magazine

Keep it relative

Patterns and correlations make your brain tick. To remember things that little bit quicker, just make an association with the new thing, with an old thing.

Something I used to use patterns when drumming in a band. The song would be 4-4-2. So, for me to remember, I just associated that with a football formation.

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