Powdered food brand Huel has announced a new mint flavour to its range of products. The new flavour joins a range of pre-blended powders, including vanilla, coffee, berry, and unflavoured.

To expand their range of products, Huel announced a new mint chocolate chip powder to their portfolio of nutritionally complete foods that contain all the vitamins you need on a daily basis. 

The new flavour comes after the release of a mint chocolate chip Flavour Boost last year. Huel’s Flavour Boost product has the intention to let customers try the full Huel range without buying larger pouches.

Each sample is 2-3g of all nine flavours which are designed to be mixed with both vanilla and unflavoured Huel. Flavours included are strawberry, toffee, mocha, rhubarb and custard, pineapple and coconut, banana, chocolate, cacao, and matcha tea.

Huel Mint-Chocolate Shake
Min-Chocolate Flavour Boosty, looking tasty | Image: © Huel

Being a powdered food, Huel Powder has a naturally long shelf life of 12 months to reduce food waste. They use minimum packaging, and just like all their products it is 100% vegan and uses zero animal products.

Huel continues to grow their range of products and aim to become the ‘Food of the Future’, by offering a sustainable solution for the current food supply chain.

Main image credit: © Huel

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