UK collective The Winachi Tribe are back again with another slice of Electro Funk with a side order of Reggae fusion collaborating with the legend that is I Kong.

PARASITES PARADISE takes The Winachi Tribe to a whole new international level. The backstory of I-KONG is a vast and varied to one, being a member of Ska/Reggae outfit The Jamaicans. I KONG was introduced to reggae music by his uncle Leslie Kong, one of the of most influential producers in Kingston. Uncle Leslie had worked with the likes of Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley and I KONG would go on to be equally prolific.

Since 1979 he’s released 6 albums and continues to produce popular tracks, on a global scale. Handshake Records is thrilled to be instrumental in this groundbreaking collaboration between Winachi and I KONG.

PARASITES PARADISE by The Winachi Tribe featuring I Kong is out now.

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