There seems to be a lot of pain in Michael Harris and Daniel Anderson. All Idiot Pilot’s releases have been emotionally strong, and jam full of anger and it makes you wonder what these guys are going through.

Even taking a look at Idiot Pilot’s Myspace page there is a quote that says “feeling really kills you”, which is some deep down, dark, depressing stuff. This is reflected within their music mainly through their vocal patterns, it’s all painful! It’s screams, meeting with harmonies in an electronic musical blender.

This review will be biased as I have always had a soft spot for Idiot Pilot from the very first album “Strange We Should Meet Here”. Its aggression drove me to listen and it was something I hadn’t really experienced. Shouting was never easy to understand especially for the “growls”, but Idiot Pilot fed just about enough to keep you hooked. If you can handle screaming in parts then ‘The Tail Of A Jet Black Swan’ is certainly something to give a try.

Essentially it’s electronica meets screamo rock, with powerful chorus kick-ins and heavy drum patterns. The underlying synthesisers and high-pitched samples give it an extra edgy sound, along with this sort of glitchy, clipping in the background used as percussion. That glitchy sound is heard through pretty much each track Idiot Pilot have released and gives them their (sort of) niche.

There are layers upon layers of harmonies that are just massive and really sell ‘The Tail Of A Jet Black Swan’, if you can handle the amount of screaming that comes with Idiot Pilot that is.

If anyone could tell me what a Jet Black Swan is, that would be a bonus to this monster of a track.

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