Imogen Heap – HEAPSONG3

Having written and released “heapsong1” and “heapsong2” already this year as part of a fresh approach to her 4th album, Imogen’s next project will be “heapsong3” as she brings it all, quite literally back to her roots and closer to home.

Starting 19th September for 2 weeks, “heapsong3”, will be inspired and created as she collaborates with both her local and online communities to help bring a beautiful, but neglected Georgian walled kitchen garden back to life.

The UK design charity Clear Village is leading the effort to kick start and shape the regeneration project in association with the borough’s Council, friends and rangers of the Park. Clear Village and Imogen are inviting anyone interested in getting their hands dirty between 22nd and 28th of September (the site is near Romford in Essex) to visit garden with a brief description of their skills, what they’d like to do and when they can be there.

The song will be about a local character who lived and worked as a gardener in the village. Imogen may occasionally bring in the odd instrument into the garden and see who steps up to the challenge of making a noise, or record the sounds of whatever work is going on.

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