Introducing Kelly Paige''s Debut Single 'Hurt Like Me'

‘Hurt Like Me’ is the debut single from Kelly Paige, released October 31st through Playgun Music. A cutting message to a cheating lover, ‘Hurt Like Me’ is a powerful anthem from the Nashville singer/songwriter. Lyrically dark with touches of sweet cynicism, the track is a playful warning that Kelly is no soft touch.

Produced by Ben Mason (Arctic Monkeys, The Long Blondes, Mystery Jets) and Glen Nicholls (Ladyhawke, Sia, Everything Everything), ‘Hurt Like Me’ is a soulful pop record, full of substance which showcases Kelly’s unique and impassioned vocal.

Based in London but hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, 22 year old Kelly is no stranger to the live circuit, having performed in a variety of different bands before discovering her true sound. Attributing her independent spirit and determination to her time performing in a punk band, Kelly honed her skills as a songwriter performing and writing country music.

Not wishing to be pigeon holed within the country genre, she moved the UK to experience London’s vibrant live scene: “London has been great for me musically. It got me out of my comfort zone and into experimenting with different genres. It’s given me a chance to create my own sound. I just hope that my music resonates with people in the same way that music from England has resonated with me. "

Kelly takes her influences from classic rockers like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan through to country rebel Loretta Lynn, who she credits as inspiring her to not be afraid to speak her mind. A true musician and songwriter, Kelly prides herself on taking vintage sounds but bringing them right up to the 21st century, as demonstrated on ‘Hurt Like Me’, with its sleazy, fuzzed-up guitars, twinkling keys and no nonsense lyrics.

‘Hurt Like Me’ is released October 31st through all good digital retailers.

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