John Cleese was upset for "two years" following the breakdown of his first marriage

The three-times wed actor is grateful he stayed friends with Connie Booth – who he married in 1968 – after they split because they shared so much “love” for one another.

He said: “When Connie and I broke up in 1978, I was very upset for about two years. There was a great deal of love in that relationship, and we’ve managed to remain good friends.”

John split with third wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger in 2008 and had to pay her a divorce settlement worth around £12 million.

Because of the cost of the split, John returned to the stage and while he is enjoying his ‘Alimony’ tour, he admits he prefers writing material.

He told the new issue of Reader’s Digest magazine: “It’s the first time I’ve been on my own stage, and I like the immediacy of it. If you don’t get the laugh tonight, you can change the joke and try again the next night – “I prefer writing, but it pays much less, so I have to keep performing.”

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