Lily & The Parlour Tricks Nominated for The Deli Magazine NYC Artist of the Month!

The retro rock n’ rollers know as Lilly & The Parlour Tricks have been nominated as one of the bands to be The Deli Magazine NYC’s Artists of the Month! Fans will be able to vote for Lily & The Parlour Tricks till October 16th, HERE.

Lily & The Parlour Tricks will be releasing their self-titled EP on October 18th. Picture a night of soaring 3-part harmonies, burning rhythms, steamy dancing and a hell of a lot of bourbon and you get a typical live show by Lily and the Parlour Tricks. A band so musically intriguing, you’d be crazy not to dive right into the cheeky fun.

Lily & The Parlour Tricks produced the record at the legendary Daptone Studios (Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black)in Brooklyn. The process was very organic; straight to tape, almost entirely live with very minimal overdubs. The band wanted it to be as raw and real as possible, Lily states, "We knew what we wanted. We wanted to make an honest album, something that showcased what we really sound like. We didn’t want something overproduced or too immaculate. By some stroke of fate, we were approached by Daptone Studios. We got the opportunity to create exactly what we wanted. The energy in the studio was unbelievable, and the result was everything we had wanted – six songs that reflect the sweat, fun, and sincerity of our live shows." With the release right at the beginning of CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival, this is without a doubt one of the buzz bands everyone will be checking out!

Sure, Lily and the Parlour Tricks started off like many other bands – while finding her niche in writing music, Lily Claire (lead vocals) met and instantly connected with Terry Moore (drums), Brian Kesley (bass) and Angelo Spagnolo (guitar) and formed a band. But it wasn’t until Morgane Moulherat and Darah Golub joined the group to create the amazing three part harmonies Lily had dreamed about, that Lily and the Parlour Tricks were finally whole.

"When you play well with others, you know it instantly and you don’t want to stop. It was just evolution from there on out," says Lily.

And evolution it was. After the band was fully developed, their live show transformed into something truly one-of-a-kind.

With influences such as Elvis Presley, Tom Waits and T.Rex, it’s no surprise Lily and the Parlour Tricks’ sound oozes the sexiest retro rock to come out of New York in a long time. The band draws from all of their musical backgrounds to create a sound unique to only them. And with the band members hailing from New York City to Pittsburgh and Detroit to Paris, France – they are just as eclectic as the music they create.

Lily And The Parlour Tricks will be releasing their self-titled album on October 18th. Please go for more information.

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