Lindsay Lohan praised for morgue duty

Lindsay Lohan has been hailed as “polite and hard-working” by law-enforcement officials.

The troubled actress is ahead of schedule with her court-ordered community service, having already completed 10 out of 12 morgue duty shifts at the Los Angeles County Morgue with three weeks to go until she appears in court for a status hearing on December 14.

According to gossip website TMZ, Lindsay wants to finish the required hours and then get a head start on the duties she needs to complete before her second status hearing.

Law enforcement officers told the site that the actress has earned a “good reputation” at the morgue as she is “polite, hard-working and never complains”.

Lindsay is working at the morgue as part of her sentence for breaching the terms of probation which was set following a 2007 driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

After she was recently found in violation of probation, she was sentenced to 300 days jail but was only told to spend 30 days behind bars.

Judge Stephanie Saunter warned the ‘Machete’ star – who went on to serve just four-and-a-half hours of her prison term – that if she fails to complete her community service or court-ordered psycho-therapy sentence, she will return to jail for the remaining 270 days.

However, if she successfully completes everything the court requires of her, the sentence will be stayed indefinitely.

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