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Listen: Emika – ‘Double Edge’

Darker than a Tim Burton film, ‘Double Edge’ drones within your skull. It’s dub, hypnotic, and haunting. The focus of the sounds within human nature recorded “on a cold winter’s day” trouble you even more when listening to Emika. Its Burial, with a female sat behind the wheel.

Nothing really picks up, there is no dynamic within ‘Double Edge’, but it is artistic and an experience to listen to. The emphasis on “dark” needs to be enhanced and taken on the chin. Some could say a little too disturbing. With no biography, and so much mystery behind Emika, it’s a little intimidating.

She wants to make music that can be listened to, taken away, swirled around and thought about. Intelligent and intriguing, she has dream-like music making qualities which leaves much to the imagination. Just don’t listen to her music whilst walking home late one night; it may be an experience and a half.

There are glitches, vocal drops and a killer piano riff that makes ‘Double Edge’ so haunting. Emika is an artist with some raw distribution of her emotion, delivered in a freaky way. She is an electronic artist on the run from her own fantasies.