Louise Burns Announces 'Mellow Drama' LP‏

Vancouver songbird Louise Burns is pleased to announce the release of her solo debut full-length, Mellow Drama, available September 6 on Light Organ Records. Check out the video for "What Do You Wanna Do," the first single from the record, here.

With a warm, strong, clear voice-like Patsy Cline’s almost, but with less sadness-Louise Burns writes songs about love, loneliness and most importantly, her own experience. The twelve songs on her debut solo full-length, Mellow Drama, call on the legacy of The Smiths, the Shangri Las and of course the aforementioned Cline, all heroes of Burns’. This classic feel combined with the fact that Burns played nearly all the instruments on the record, makes Mellow Drama a true songwriters record, one that’s all substance, all true, nothing else.

On "What Do You Wanna Do," the swinging first single off the record, Burns sings from a place of being both inspired by and resigned to that very specific kind of loneliness that one feels when wandering around at the empty hours in the middle of the night. "I do a lot of walking at night, find myself out at night more than in the daytime," Burns says, "and at that time of night there is a comforting kind of loneliness." The always-thoughtful Burns takes all of her inspiration from these kinds of small, everyday experiences, as well as from some of life’s bigger ones.
"A lot of the record is about self doubt," Burns says, not sounding doubtful at all. After an adolescence spent in the commercial music business, churning out bankable pop songs as a part of Maverick signed, all-girl rock band Lillix, Burns wasn’t sure she could make music fun again. Inspired, however, by some down-time and a lot of hours spent listening to simple, lyric-driven 50’s and 60’s pop and rock and roll, Burns felt that self doubt disappear, and it was replaced by what is a slightly disarming resolve.

"I wanted this record to be in that same tradition-really about the songwriting, no bullshit, just the songs," Burns says, and she has done just that. Mellow Drama is a well-crafted, precise record filled with tracks that both communicate the very singular experience of a thoughtful songwriter while also transcending the personal entirely. It is in these songs, like "What Do You Wanna Do," where Burns captures these feelings we all have and puts them into words, where you can tell she’s done it-no bullshit, just the songs.

1. Chinook (Sing From The Valley of Doubt)
2. Burning Bridges
3. Teen Angst
4. What Do You Wanna Do
5. Drop Names Not Bombs
6. Island Vacation
7. Sea Song
8. Clean
9. Paper Cup
10. Street Walking
11. Gyspy’s Wife
12. Ocean Grey

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