Luke White Releases The Performing Man EP

As a taster for Luke White’s debut album, The Performing Man ep features three self-penned, self-produced songs – ‘Stay Young’, ‘In Transit’ and ‘Don’t Be Worried(Light Will Find You)’.

Now 23, Luke White has long been immersed in music. Having played piano from a very young age, he decided to give up formal lessons at the age of 11 and take up the guitar. Whilst studying A levels Luke made up his mind that he didn’t enjoy the way music was "taught" and would instead teach himself how to use a studio, at home.

Having taken his time to write his debut album ‘The Performing Man’ Luke did not rush the recording process, meticulously building the layers and giving each song its own sound "I didn’t have an overall plan for what the album should sound like but used whichever instruments and sounds worked for each song."

Using both guitar and piano, Luke doesn’t look to particular artists or genres for influence when writing, but instead takes inspiration from a plethora of well crafted music with strong melodies, strong lyrics and high production values.

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