MartyParty releases Sub On this week – #6 on iTunes Electronic Chart

At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the form of bangin’ bass and beats, MartyParty is giving the people what they want: unconventional and unexpected electronic dance music – a mixture of moody melodies and gritty bass, filling venues with energy and emotion, sending dance floors into a frenzy. And the people are responding. Born and raised in South Africa, this world reknown dj and producer who is also half of PANTyRAiD, his duo project with Ooah of The Glitch Mob, and DeathStar with Minnesota now hangs his hat in Brooklyn, NY where he’s been working on Sub ON, his forthcoming EP is out this week and is at # 7 on Itunes Electronic chart

His MartyParty music-making machine includes aggressive track releases–3 months of solid music writing along with shows on the weekend (has played massive festivals this summer from Lightning in a Bottle to Camp Bisco ) and going into full-month tours, four times a year. That’s how MartyParty has released over 50 tracks in just two years both prominently and frequently featured on the iTunes, Addictech and Beatport charts. But for MartyParty it’s quality over quantity -style over substance. Just have a listen to one of his bootleg mixes, including pop-diva Adele “Rolling in the Deep, Wiz Khaliffa “On My Level” and the official mix for Beats Antique "Revival"
In 2005 when he started producing original material MartyParty’s mission was to change the monotony of electronic music by creating an entirely different electronic sound: more musical, more story telling, and more diversity in the beats. The result is a growing anthology of MartyParty music crossing over hip hop, dubstep and dance music into a rich sound he calls Purple. We simply call it seriously “dope ass tunes.” He has been crossing the lines between traditional hip-hop and dubstep, which has set him apart in a highly saturated scene. Sometimes pretty and soft, sometimes hard and dirty, but always emotional, MartyParty is in the new wave of artists bringing dubstep out of the dungeons and into the iPods from all walks of life.

MartyParty defines Purple: “We’re in this transition phase with genres. No one really knows what the hell anything is. I call my music purple. “Purple is hip-hop, sexy, crunky, high-energy, and emotional”.

Part of purple’s formula is that MartyParty gives people a break from all the dark hard stuff. Being bi- coastal, plus growing up in South Africa, all the music that surrounded him has had a large influence on his production skills.

A fan of house and trance music, you’ll hear lots of soaring melodies within layers, as he’s not just relying on the bass line and the beats. MartyParty brings out a certain harmony. And he continues this vision on his forthcoming EP, “Sub ON.” Dubstep introduced new ways to make bass, especially the wobble. And that’s what MartyParty has taken from it — double time, minimal beats, wobble bass, and the arrangements. When he sits down to write, he records as many flavors of the purple genre as possible. He aims to demonstrate its flexibility and how it can go from sexy and hip-hop to hardcore and dubstep.

Without a doubt, people will know purple if they just listen.

Sub On EP Track Listing:

Los this Bitch
Ice Cream Truck

MartyParty on Tour

US/Canada tour booking for February 2012, dates tba

10/08/11 Santa Rosa CA Chrome Lotus
10/15/11 Missoula MT Top Hat
10/31/11 San Francisco CA 103 Harriet