Summer time is almost over, but Max Burgundy is bringing one of the hottest jams of the season, straight into Fall. Just premiering his fun, hip and colorful new video for “Save Ferris (Fuck My Job)” on CMJ yesterday afternoon, all eyes are on Max and his next move. The infectious song made with KayKay on the Beatz with the theme song of The Office (by The Scrantones) in tow, will have you jumping out of your seat, quitting your job, and flipping off your boss. Can you handle this?

The video was shot in one day, the hottest one of the summer to be exact, in the heart of Brooklyn. Starring Max Burgundy himself, with friends and collaborators DJ Jeff Haze and rapper Popula, they take their antics to the streets and rooftops to tell everyone exactly how much their job sucks, which I’m sure most of you can already relate to. Max Burgundy brings the fun back into hip hop but clearly makes sure that he speaks his mind, in a serious but catchy fashion. A true gift of lyrical genius.

“Life’s a bitch, sometimes you need to Michael Vick it,” Burgundy raps with both enthusiasm and passion, giving the finger to life’s responsibilities. With an incredible beat that will keep the party going into your long awaited weekend off, Max proves to the world (and any ex-bosses) that he is the next big thing in music. He’s already won us over.

Hailing from the streets of the Bronx and now currently living in Brooklyn, Max knows there is no tougher place to work than New York, and he surely has the experience to draw from as he has worked in the restaurant industry. His colorful style goes beyond the boundaries of rap, and truly draws in the listener no matter what their genre of choice is. Even Ferris Bueller is referenced for those times that you just want to take a sick day. We’ve all taken a couple of those, right?

Be sure to check out this spectacular video, and don’t worry folks, there is more Max Burgundy to come.

Sorry I have a phone call to make. I don’t think I can make it to work today…..


SEPTEMBER 1st – Sullivan Hall, NYC

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