Maximo Park – Hips And Lips (Errors Remix)

Maximo Park – Hips And Lips (Errors Remix)

Having laid low for a while now, Maximo Park have started to appear with new material. Paul Smith‘s vocals can turn heads, or grate the wax out of your ears, but there is no denying their song writing skills. The National Health is their newest offering that appears this coming Monday (June 11th) and is sure to do well with the NME crowd.

Taken from the fourth studio album is the single ‘Hips And Lips.’ For issue 09 of the Remix of the Day AltSounds feature we have chosen the Errors Remix. You can listen to the track below:

If you’re familiar with the space-aged talent that is Errors, then jump out your seat and get their work on your iTunes right away. You’ve got some catching up to do.

Described as “post-electro” – the Glaswegian four tet make your ears go boom boom by drifting your senses into a new planet. In this remix for Maximo Park’s ‘Hips And Lips,’ Errors drift you off into that very planet we mentioned. You can hear the Aliens hovering over you as the textured synthesizers float side-by-side Paul Smith‘s vocals.

Picture space, picture time moving slowly, and picture a new world right in your ears. Thanks Errors.