Mel C: Tattoos are 'crazy'

Mel C thinks all tattoos are “crazy”.

The ‘Wannabe’ singer was shocked when confronted by a superfan named Danilo, who moved to the UK from Brazil in the hope of meeting her and even had a tattoo of Mel etched on his leg, and although she has a number of inkings herself, Mel revealed she doesn’t always think they are a good idea.

Speaking in new documentary ‘Rose Boy & Friends’, about Danilo’s tattoo – which depicts a cartoon version of his heroine similar to the one seen in the Spice Girls’ ‘Viva Forever’ music video – Mel said: “I think it’s a bit crazy but I think all tattoos are crazy including my own.”

Mel, 37, has previously spoken out about how she regrets some of her tattoos, particularly as they took so long to cover up when she was appearing in London stage production ‘Blood Brothers’.

She said: “I regret some of them. I was very young and I’ve changed a lot since then, plus some of them are in prominent places.

“When I did ‘Blood Brothers’ on stage I had to cover them up, which was a messy job involving acrylic paint and glue.”

‘Rose Boy & Friends’ which follows four celebrity obsessives including Danilo airs on today (28.11.11) and tomorrow (29.11.11). To view the documentary go to

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