Following the release of their debut album; Oracular Spectacular, MGMT became huge. Tracks that stood out on the album have now been released as singles. ‘Kids’ is a very clever pop song. Multi layered, cool samples, and some mind blowing production.

The ‘Kids’ has a refreshing youthful sound, with synth samples and some very clever disco-pop.
 ‘Kids’ is currently getting A LOT of airplay, which means we will be sick of hearing it in a few weeks time. How long will MGMT last? As pop music progresses into a better form of synth heavy upbeat electro, you can’t help but ask, what next? If music in the charts can progress into actual good music, then hey, I’m all ears.

The two remixes featured on this single are slightly weak. Soulwax usually deliver absolutely knee trembling reworks, but this is more Royal Mail than Parcelforce delivery. A heavy, dirty bass line alongside a bass drum sound produced by the gods is always included in a Soulwax rework, yet the structure leaves a lot to the imagination.

‘Of Moons Birds And Monsters [Holy Ghost mix]‘ is a very nice mix, but still slightly weak. Relaxing, happy, and generally an OK remix. When listening back to the original ‘Of Moons….’ you realise how good that track actually is. It’s upbeat but still mellow with a Zero 7 style.

Columbia have their hands on a great pop band, bring on the next ‘Spectacular’ record!

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