Music Hitting Your Shelves This Week: June 4th 2012

Music Hitting Your Shelves This Week: June 25th 2012

In the ever changing, fast-paced environment that is the music world, it’s ever so easy to forget who is releasing what, and who is actually still on the scene.

This week was a little surprising to see old-school punk rockers The Offspring releasing their latest album Days Go By. This is their newest release since 2008’s Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. Not being a huge fan myself, but giving the band full respect for their sixth studio album Conspiracy of One, which seemed to be absolutely everywhere when I was growing up. This just shows you how time does literally fly past you, and quickly this industry moves on. I had no idea they were releasing new material, and music is surrounded by me every single day. Mad huh?

Other oldies releasing newies are the likes of Aerosmith with their single ‘Legendary Child‘, Macy Gray with ‘Sail‘ and Linkin Park with their fifth studio album Living Things.

All the singles, albums and EPs are listed below. Enjoy.

Singles released this week:

Aerosmith – ‘Legendary Child’
Adam Lambert – ‘Never Close Our Eyes’
Benga feat. Bebe Black – ‘Icon’
Chris Brown – ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’
Casiokids – ‘Dresinen’
Deadmau5 – ‘The Veldt Ep’
Jason Derulo – ‘Undefeated’
Macy Gray – ‘Sail’
Paul Banks – ‘Juan Plenti Lives EP’
R.Kelly – ‘Share My Love’
Santigod – ‘The Keepers’
Taio Cruz – ‘There She Goes’ feat. Eva Simons – ‘This Is Love’
Teengirl Fantasy – Motif
Lorn – Ghosst(s)
Bandshell – HES021

EPs released this week:

Mate U & Denny K – Forgotten Groove
Panorama bar 04 – vinyl exclusives
Campaign LK – The EP
Dobie – Nothing to Fear
The Mojo Fins – The Spirit
ECHO LAKE – Wild Peace
Kath Bloom – Here I Am

Albums released this week:

The Chapman Family – ‘Cruel Britannia’
Deathspell Omega – ‘Drought’
Dying Fetus – ‘Reign Supreme’
The Flaming Lips – ‘Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends’
Flo Rida – ‘Wild Ones’
Gaggle – ‘From The Mouth Of The Cave’
Ginger Wildheart – ‘100%’
Gojira – ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’
Jedward – ‘Young Love’
Jesca Hoop – ‘The House That Jack Built’
Jimmy Fallon – ‘Blow Your Pants Off’
Josh Osho – ‘Life’
Levelers – ‘Static On The Airwaves’
Linkin Park – ‘Living Things’
Macy Gray – ‘Covered’
Maroon 5 – ‘Overexposed’
Memphis May Fire – ‘Challenger’
Metric – ‘Synthetica’
Nestsky – ‘2’
The Offspring – ‘Days Go By’
Panic Room – ‘Skin’
R.Kelly – ‘Write Me Back’
Levellers – Static On The Airwaves
The Young – Dub Egg
Stevie Jackson – (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson (Banchory)
Shareholder Tom / 45 Minutes Out Of 25 Years
Alphanaut – Little Sun
Abstract Butta Fingas – Alphamorphium
Louise Latham – Reclaimed
Gobby – New Hat
Benjamin James Smith – The Movedrill Projects (NuNorthern Soul)
dEUS – Following Sea
Ambivalent – _ground
Memphis May Fire – Challenger