Music Hitting Your Shelves This Week: June 4th 2012

Music Hitting Your Shelves This Week: March 11th 2013

A guilty pleasure has arrived this week. Second name Williams, first name Robbie. I know what you’re thinking, well, no I don’t really. And I don’t really care, as the new Robbie Williams track ‘Be A Boy’ uncontrollably forced my body in a spasm of forwards and backwards motion whilst brushing my teeth this morning. Do I lead a sad, non-existent life? Yes, but that is beside the point. Opening my ears to something I would not normally listen to helped don a new 2013 for music listening. It’s opened a part of my ears that haven’t been flicked in a while, or even wet willied. In fact yes, Robbie Williams’ new single ‘Be A Boy’ (out this week, obviously) is like a musical wet willy. You never want one, they are all moist and mingin, but you somewhat enjoy it after. It leaves a kind of fresh feeling in your lobes. A wake-up call some may say. Check it out below and leave your wet willy posts at the bottom of this article:

So yeah, that’s out this week. We also have the ‘Popilepsy’ sounds from the next big thing from a Lady and a Boy, MS MR. Their new single ‘Fantasy’ is out this week and plays around with a ‘Noir-Pop’ sound that is guaranteed to get under your skin after a few spins. You’ll have to wait until May for their first full length Second Hand Rapture, which is more than enough time to build up some more warm online-hype surrounding them. Not that their million plays on YouTube for their ‘Hurricane’ video hasn’t done that already. Watch a cheerleader chuck up some sparkly things in the video for ‘Fantasy’ below:

Sadly, the past week has been so crammed with new music that our PO Box is actually looking to claim insurance for being over-used. As well as my CD player in my PC, it’s now running at overcapacity and deciding to jam the computer up completely whenever it opens the tray of wonderment. Plus it makes an awful noise when it opens. The rest of the releases will have to wait for my undervalued opinion. Robbie and MS MR destroyed my iTunes (yes I still use iTunes, none of this streaming bullcrap).

All of this week’s single, EPs and album releases are listed below, if we missed any, or are completely wrong, please email (naked photos welcome). Please note that some of these may be UK release dates, and some may be U.S.

Singles released this week:

Hollow Giants – Panic Bill/Brother [Single]
The Range – Promises [Single]
Luls – Never Let It Go/Sympathy Or Love [Single]
Robbie Williams – Be A Boy [Single]
Crowns – Four Walls [Single]
Sam Lee – Goodbye My Darling [Single]
Sparrow & the Workshop – Shock Shock [Single]
MS MR – Fantasy [Single]
Kieran Skye – Rule The World [Single]
Rhythmic Theory – Legacy Of The Lost / Riveted [Single]
Akasha FX feat. Coreysan – Slave Of Time [Single]
Letherette – D&T [Single]

EPs released this week:

Kodaline – High Hopes [EP]
The Black Dog – The Return ov Bleep [EP]
Francisco Allendes – So Long Reptilians [EP]
The Flight – Hangman [EP]

Albums released this week:

The Suicide Of Western Culture – Hope Only Brings Pain [Album]
Laurence Made Me Cry – Diary of Me [Album]
Hot Lunch – Hot Lunch [Album]
Natural Self – Neon Hurts My Eyes [Album]
Brandt Brauer Frick – Miami [Album]
Illnath – 4 Shades of me [Album]
The Saint James Society – Bab(a/y)lon Rising [Album]
Paul Blackford – Return of the Bionic Bassline [Album]
Naked Lunch – All Is Fever [Album]
Violetshaped – Violetshaped [Album]
Hold The Fight – With A Breath & A Hope [Album]
Orianthi – Heaven In This Hell [Album]
Poltergeist – The Black Death [Album]
Sound City – Real to Reel [Album]
Hervé – The Art of Disappearing [Album]
Mindless Behavior – All Around The World [Album]
What Now – Move Like A Sinner [Album]
Pistols At Dawn – Tarnation [Album]

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