Music Video from Jones Street Station feat. Danny Pudi from NBC's Community

Brooklyn-based Jones Street Station emerged from from the NYC bluegrass scene, picking tunes with the city’s best country, folk, and bluegrass musicians. Now that they’ve plugged in, Jones Street Station has added rock ‘n roll to their unique take on Americana. The band recently collaborated with actor Danny Pudi (Abed on NBC’s Community) and filmmaker Adam Reid (Hello Lonesome) to create a music video for their song "The Understanding," the single for Jones Street Stations forthcoming third LP. At once gently subdued and soaringly anthemic, "The Understanding" is all about finding new friends among strangers and willing lost friends to find their way home again. Together with Pudi’s easy charm and Reid’s knack for simple grace, the band is poised to share a video that showcases the very best of Jones Street Station: joyful songs with meaningful lyrics and a passion to connect with others though the music.

Watch "The Understanding" here:
Jones Street Station "The Understanding" – YouTube

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The Understanding | Jones Street Station

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Upcoming Dates:
09.22.11 – Midpoint Music Festival – Cincinnati, OH
09.23.11 – Gramophone – St. Louis, MO
09.24.11 – Double Doors – Chicago, IL

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