I have been listening to a lot of different music of late and thought I could share it with the world. This is to highlight some of the good stuff, some of the bad, and some darn right strange.

So there is this thing called the internet right? And it’s huge. But where do we find the best stuff to listen to without getting lost in a pool of audio vomit. I’m here to highlight some bands/artists to check out while you’re still audio-tronically sober.

Now bear with me on some of these artists, some are brand spanking new, some you will moan about being “they’re so 2009” – or something to that effect. But I don’t care. Read on, watch the videos, leave me some abuse in the comments bit.

Radio has long lost its charm, but here to pick up the pieces is a little Swedish electronic, ambient, psychedelic three piece named The Radio Dept. Their soundland is wonderful and creates a shudder in your brain. If anyone can tell me what the hell is going on with their ‘about me’ section on their myspace then do let me know.

Musicians must admire Six Gallery for the guitar sex that these guys make. Vocally they could be hit or miss, but they have this stronghold over you that is sophisticated rockeroonie. That’s not Wayne Rooney playing guitar, although that would be a sight.

I saw this man-version of La Roux on a late introducing show on televisual the other night. The vocals were sublime and he has a charming songwriting ability to match. No doubt his single Hurt will be featured on every single drama known to the tv box.

Now you won’t blink and miss that hip-hop, R’n’B, grind-beast known as Tinie Tempah. Tinie’s bank manager will probably Pass Out after releasing this single in March. No doubt it will be featured high up in the charts, if not number 1 and be played absolutely everywhere. You can’t knock it, a very well written tune.

Musically this didn’t ring any bells straight away, but after one listen alongside the stunning video, that was it. The Hours bust out with a not so fresh, familiar sound for all. If anything just watch the bloody video.

Signed to the Parlophone label usually subscribes instant success and an overwhelming fanbase. Yet Late Of The Pier still haven’t reached their peak, previous singles like Bears Are Coming and Bathroom Gurgle gave a fair amount of exposure but I don’t think anyone knew what to do with it. Their approach to music is just on another planet and way ahead of anything else pushing out the NME bullshit slide. Check out the new video for Best In Class co-directed by sample jabber Sam Potter from the band.

That’s it for the first issue, I hope you enjoyed checking out the tunes and I’m looking forward to writing the next one.

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