I’m becoming a tea junkie. Must be averaging about 12 +cups a day, it ain’t good. Saying that rather a tea junkie than a coffee fiend I say. Chuck out the sugar though, that’s bad news. People get hooked on this stuff right?

Now somebody fills me in on the details of the Myspace player please, it’s fucking annoying me of late. It plays one song but doesn’t play the whole playlist, only a few tracks. Sometimes it doesn’t even play, you have to click several times to get it rockin. Bloody thing, Myspace coders need a slap. Right so let’s start with what musical goodies I have found.

It’s like being licked by sea waves, whilst drinking a cocktail with George Michael. The guitars have this distance arrogance and charm that are wonderful. It’s always good to have a little chuckle over Youtube’s user comments. This is one someone’s reaction was: “baby_ makin’ music… “ – BrooklynStudio208

Praise the audio Lord they are back. Deff to the tones have released a teaser of what is to come from their new album. The track is called Roller Skates and it’s a free download! So go grab it now. At their webbysite. As for the noise it makes? Well they are back to the old school grittier sound and damn heavy. It’s spankadishious, listen now! Let’s hope Chi gets better soon too.

Now for a first on New Noise, something random…

No, I’m not 100% sure why I’m putting this in, well I am. It’s for pure amusement and my first “strange” band to feature in the New Noise. Musically I can’t describe the scum that hits you, but their attitude is fecking awesome.

Mr Kaxn claims that “three lads and one twat playing hardcore punk in whatever way we like, influenced by whatever we like. “ And it seems that they do! The profile photo caught my eye on Myspace and I think it’s hilarious. The crowd must have been so uncomfortable! Their email address makes me laugh too, check it out on their profile if you dare.

Keeping this one close to home for me personally is a good friend of mine using his skills to create a Portishead/Death In Vegas variety pack. The Switch are from Manchester and they seem to be on their way up the slippy ladder of the music world. Check out their very Death In Vegas style track See The Light.

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