New Noise Issue 4

New Noise: Issue 3

Anyone wear glasses? How much fun is it when you are cooking and open the oven door to find a huge delayed woft of steam into your face. Completely blind now you are dealing with a roasting hot face and trying to tackle the cooking. Exciting isn’t it.

With a cup of tea, a biscuit and an overflowing inbox I will share with you my latest findings. For one, I’m excited about Foals returning to our ears with this new sound and two, foals are back!

Dan Le Sac Vs Scrubius Pip – The bearded and not so bearded crew of lyrical and beat genius are back with a new album and single. Get Better is the single release and is strong as ever. The debut album was thought provoking, disturbing and emotional. Hopefully Logic Of Choice will have the same effect. For those of you loving a more electro, blippy style check the Error’s remix of Get Better – it’s very Simian Mobile Disco.

Foals – Back with a new sound, the mathematicians of rock/indie hit 2010 with a stunning emotional track called Spanish Sahara. It almost seems as if they have taken a few lessons from Thom Yorke’s book and hit a sweet spot with their sound. It sounds like Foals have taken a chill pill and swooped up a Sigur Ros influence using buildups and simplistic textures.

The Middle East – The next Arcade Fire? This seven piece Auzzie outfit take on the pedestal of some really beautiful musical outputs. It’s Arcade Fire meets Sigur Ros and they are going to be big. Bloggers are already going type crazy over these, and I can see why. Well yes I’m typing about them now, so, there. Check them out and get their new record Blood – it’s wonderful.

RJD2 – I remember first discovering the electronic ramblings of RJD2 a few years ago on the much missed MTV2’s 120 mins. Exotic Talk hit my TV in the early hours and just pulled me in. This guy is busy as hell at the min with a new album, remixes, tours the whole works. If you haven’t heard of him (which I’m sure you have) go check his new videos out and here is the video for Exotic Talk. The new album The Colossus is just amazing, buy it or check it out on Spotify.