I want to firstly say a big thank you to the developers and advertisers over at Myspace.com for making their players a big fucking joke. Obviously a regular visitor to the site will know what it’s like trying to cram as much new music and different Myspace music pages into the screen before bed time. It took me a little while to figure out why some tracks were not playing or streaming onto the next song in the play list.

Firstly you think it’s the broadband, and at the min I am rocking a broadband speed slower than an old person free running, but no, it’s not me. It’s the bloody adverts. A little, stupid, crappy, ugly advertisement pop up appears when you play music. It halts the music playing just to show off its shit content and destroy your enjoyment. Thank you Myspace you corporate bugger fish.

Unfortunately there is nothing quite like that site, so I guess we have to stick with it. Rant over.

Audio Bullys – The big bullies are here to terrorize our airplay again. Remember that brilliant little video for ‘We Don’t Care’ on which it featured that young lad walking down the street with some attitude? These were the guys behind the track and they seemed to disappear for a while. Now back with a more electro glitchy sound on ‘Only Man’ they have a cleaner cut single. It’s a simplistic musical piece with a generic drum pattern, but the vocals stick out with some snaps and Gorrilaz styling’s. Check out their myspace and video for ‘Only Man’.

Active Child – Anyone creaming over last years stunning EP from Bon Iver may want to check Active Child out. The vocals are oozing with Iver’s distant, reverbrial multi-layered texturing’s. Except this has a 80’s beat feel, reminiscent of The Knife in some ways. He has just released a single ‘She Was A Vision’ – but that’s not the right track to check out. The first one on his Myspace player shows a better side – ‘Body Heat (So Far Away)’ is a cracker, go to his Myspace now.

We Are Standard – They certainly aren’t standard, that’s for sure. I’m mainly putting this into Issue 4 of New Noise because the video is brilliant. Well, I say brilliant but watch it and you will find out why I like it so much. Musically they sound very similar to Memory Tapes meets Cut Copy which is always a Brucie Bonus.

Funki Porcini – This is like a warm fuzz in your tummy when you listen to Funki’s tracks. DJ Shadow creeps up as an influence/reminiscent sound with the beats and long synth drones. I want to point out track ‘The Big Sea’ as it just has this awesome little drum millisecond delay on the bass beat that is brilliant. Porcini is releasing album “On” with one of the best record labels known to the industry; Ninja Tune. Funki Procini has a nice history behind getting into music having to move from London to the states with only $300. Open your mind to this one, check out his Myspace.

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