Wow, a month has past before my eyes even had time to blink. And there you were thinking that the world had dried up of new exciting music, well all is not lost as New Noise has a couple of sexy pieces of audio wonderment for you to check out. One of the biggest and most exciting enhancements to the music industry is the return of the collaboration kings; Unkle. Not just for their ability to write some incredible music and amazing live performances, but their videos are always a Brucey bonus.

Like I mentioned in the first Issue of New Noise, some of these bands aren’t technically “new” – they are either new to me or are back to release some more sounds. The PR companies are sending millions of new stuff over of late and it’s a wonderful pleasure having to check them out and form my own opinions and disgust. So read on and check all these artists out for their talents.

:Papercutzed – Nothing like abit of ambient steel electronica to chill your beans. These guys are on one of my favourite labels and are releasing an album in May named “Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Lylac Ambient Reworks)” and it’s looking to be very interesting in deedy. With a mixture of technical mish maps and sounds splashed all over the shop it’s a complete head-fuck when listening to some of :Papercutz works. The one thing that always stands out for me with this particular label is the artwork. All of the artists have some incredible works to their name, the designs are somewhat simplistic in parts but just look unbelievable. Ultre for example; he does all his own stuff and it’s brill. Check the label out, check all their artists out, then get back to me on how fried your brain is.

Baths – We all love swimming in them don’t we? I say swimming, you know, bathing, in a bath..whatever. Will Wiesenfeld is a 21 year old L.A. electronic music producer with a lot to offer in the bathroom department of music. Stumbling beats alongside some interesting vocal samples of children laughing and talking all sounds a little too weird, but if you’re a fan of Boards Of Canada, drop in and say hi to Bath. Releasing his stuff on Anticon later in the year as an album named “Cerulean” I will be sure to pick this up and soothe my tears, I mean ears. He has also just banged out a Fol Chen remix that is incredible, you must check it out.

Unkle – ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights’ still stands out to be one of the best tracks I have ever had the pleasure of listening too. Not only for the fact that guest vocalist Thom Yorke oozes over the whole track but what a video too. Unkle have created some amazing listenable albums over the past few years and they are stepping up with their latest release “Where Did The Night Fall” and mixing their sounds together from all the older stuff into a big Unkle package. Not to mention the album cover which is a work of art, for some reason *ahem. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, go back and listen to each album in its entirety then report back to me with a cover letter on how it has changed the way you listen to music.

Trentemøller – It’s Danish and it’s not a pastry. Some ghostly haunting stuff from electronic artist Trentemøller sloping his arty video for his first single ‘Sycamore Feeling’. Think Massive Attack/Moorcheeba/Portishead’s darker side. This is exciting, refreshing stuff and sounds beautiful.

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