Newcomer Random A to release Oscillations Basse Frequence EP

French newcomer Random A brings his unique techno sound to Parity Records for his debut offering. It’s a spot-on combo of retro and modern techno sounds that perfectly complements the lateral techno of Parity, an amalgam of angular sounds and artful expressiveness so lacking in the music right now. Rooted firmly in the genre’s rebellious past, Parity continues to present the cutting edge of techno with the very best in new sounds.

Oscillations Basse Frequence is a sweet blend of old school electro and driving, main room techno with a splattered on approach to melody that gives it a distinctive leftfield groove. Label owner Syphon’s remix is a chugging wall of percussion and muted synth melodies that gentle swell to elation.

The second original, "Unstable Lights", is a gorgeous exercise in moody texture and somber melodies that tugs at the heartstrings and also shows that Random A is going to be a force to be reckoned with in this techno game. Mexico City combo Signal Deluxe provide a worthy remix for "Unstable Lights" as well as for the package. The pair has been pushing further and further away from the constraints of the main room dance floor and this remix takes a trip to inner space with broken midtempo beats and melodies from another world that invoke the psychedelic in all the best of ways.

01 Oscillations Basse Frequence (Syphon Mix)
02 Oscillations Basse Frequence
03 Unstable Lights
04 Unstable Lights (Signal Deluxe Remix)

‘I wish for my music to speak to many people, I think I discovered myself through it’ – this is how French newcomer Random A describes his first productions.

Random A has spent every spare moment to create and satisfy a passion born during his childhood. He knows from now on that he has found the music, which is perfectly suited to him. He can see in it the coherence between his identity and his artistic process. With his first release for Parity Records on the way, he will finally be able to share his creations with the world.

A self-taught musician, Random A started to play the drums at the age of 11, it still remains his favorite instrument, he’s also played bass in a teenage rock band and felt satisfaction in being very welcomed by a supportive Bordeaux scene.

A few years later, in 1998, Random A started using his brother’s groove box and he began to make his own music like that from France, Germany, NY, and the UK. His passion led him to travel Europe in order to see to his favorite artists in the clubs. He bought lots of vinyl records, went to festivals, played in bars, and started to mix on his decks.

In 2007, due to his professional life, he had to settle in Paris for a few months and later in La Rochelle. During that time, he became very creative and reached his goal to create an entire live set. Once he had worked out the foundations for ten tracks, he played a 55-minute live set in Bordeaux, La Rochelle, and Lyon.

He continues to mix with great fun in clubs in La Rochelle and Lyon as well as listening to artists he most admires, especially the trends from Detroit and Berlin, who are a great influence on him.

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