Nicola Roberts wants to be ginger again

Nicola Roberts is going back to her ginger roots.

The Girls Aloud singer – who was renowned for her flame-coloured locks when she first became famous – recently dyed her tresses blonde but has now decided she wants to return to being a redhead.

She said: “Some of my fans have tweeted me and said, ‘No, come back to ginge’. But I’m just like, ‘I’m blonde for a minute but I’m still ginge at heart’. I’ll be back!”

“This is nice for a change. I’ve been every single hair colour under the sun, I’ve been dark, dark brown, I’ve been blonde, I’ve been red, I’ve had a bob, I’ve had long hair, I’ve had a fringe, I’ve not had a fringe, I’ve had pink hair. I get bored and I like to swap and change things up, but it’s just hair at the end of the day.”

Nicola has always been proud of her ginger hair and she thinks it makes her stand out.

She said: “I love being known as the ginger one! It’s been my special thing since I was little.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on ginger hair. There’s a saying: ‘Not everyone has to love you, but as long as somebody loves you, then you’ll be OK.’ ”