It’s difficult to listen to techno without thinking that every artist creates their tunes in Garageband, using the mindless loops, beats and samples provided in the packs. It all seems a little too simple to be anything special, with no particular hook or dynamic to keep you heavily involved.

Stick a few samples together off a sample pack, create a structure, maybe a few build ups and you have a complete package. Background music and bar music is what this genre is best for and seems to work. There are potential club bangers out there, but it all seems a little to boring. Nine minutes for one track with very little diversity becomes monotonous and mind-numbing.

When it comes to techno producers, you know that the production is going to be fantastic, and they will be mastered to perfection. ‘Muscle Memory’ is excellently produced, and sounds incredible in your headphones.

It’s technically warm and playful, however it seems to just drag on and on. The odd bass warble and spacey synth creep in now and again, but it’s just dull and unfortunately there isn’t much else too it.

There is no feeling, no emotion or hook to lighten your senses and make you listen any more that just once. ‘Flat Top Muscle’ pumps away at you to no avail and leaves you with no inclination to listen again.

Again, nine minutes for each track is a real handful and really is a struggle to get through. You could strip away each mini-sample and section to fully appreciate what October is doing, but as far as a song is concerned it does nothing to keep me entertained.

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