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Toronto dream-pop outfit Ohbijou is pleased to unveil "Anser," the second single off their upcoming full-length Metal Meets. The record will be released in North America on September 27 on Last Gang Records. The album, the most mature and creative offering from the band yet, cements their status as one of the most important bands at work in Canada.

The band (James Bunton, Ryan Carley, Anissa Hart, Heather Kirby, Jenny Mecija and Casey Mecija) have a relationship to each other and their instruments that is inspired and zealous. Renowned for their devotion to the city in which they live, Ohbijou’s lyrics and sounds have always paid homage to Toronto. Metal Meets, however, was crafted during retreats out of their city’s confines. This album is inspired by ventures to cabins in the woods, travels across Asia, Europe and North America (headlining international tours), and lyrical reflections on familial bloodlines that move across borders. Casey Mecija is a practitioner of love songs; her audience is privy to a moody, experimental lyricism and her words bespeak a passionate, rebellious desire. Each band member meticulously conditions lyrical narratives with haunting arrangements; unique to this album are songwriting contributions from Jennifer and Ryan.

Conceptually, Ohbijou draws on sites populated by rumbling volcanoes, deep lakes and haunted waterfalls, metals torn from damp earth, and dark desires usually uncommitted to words. Ohbijou has come of age, and their adulthood is more precocious and imaginative than their youth. The band has amassed an army of fans and the string of accolades that follows them is enormous. Paul Bennun as writes from BBC Music, "It’s a string-fuelled acoustic affair – folk music that swings…Ohbijou sound like a musical collective with a strong band-leader to these ears: Casey Mecija clearly at the centre."

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