On The Rise: Jean & Tonic

Good denim, at a decent price is really hard to find. Jean & Tonic are on the right path by being the first denim brand that offers custom-made, premium jeans, at an affordable price.

Many of us will know that it’s so hard to find decent denim that fits well, looks awesome, and doesn’t cost a fortune. With their new site, you become your own fashion guru, by becoming part of the design process to make your jeans, all about you.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Create your own unique pair through a simple step-by-step process on their site, and enjoy the experience while you’re at it. Then, just wait three weeks, or even sooner and you’ll get your hands on you very own tailored pair of jeans right to your door. The good news for us in the UK is that they offer international shipping and if you’re in the US, then you take advantage of their free shipping.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

The best part is that it’s actually fun to sit and create your own unique style of jean, which is something I personally haven’t experienced before. You’ll have a great time coming up with many different design ideas, but be careful as you’ll probably be there for hours, it’s just making a decision on which one you actually want to commit to is the hardest part of the whole process.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Traditional tailoring can cost loads, it’s worth it, but sometimes you’ve got to sit back and just have a re-think when you see your bank balance. That’s where Jean & Tonic come into their own, by offering an e-tailoring platform that not only allows you to get the exact product you want, customised to you, but also gives you a fun experience at the same time.

On The Rise Jean & Tonic

Its low pricing structure, and stunning design style allow you to get your hands on a pair of premium jeans, tailored exactly how you want them for under $120 (£70?). Now when you compare that to other premium brands such as Diesel, or Levis, who hold their own in the market, but don’t offer this level of customisation, then you know that J&T mean business.

They describe jeanandtonic.com as an ‘unparalleled shopping experience’ – which I can totally see why, and they can live up to that quote. Go over there, and get creating your own unique pair of jeans, and look out for J&T in the summer, as they’ll be everywhere.

For more information one Jean & Tonic, jump on over to their website here.

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