There has been a slow but curious build-up towards the relatively unknown The Bullitts. Yet 2012 is set to be a new explosion into the eyes of Jeymes Samuel. Mr Samuel is a writer, producer and musician and sure knows how to make you ask questions. For a start, jump over to The Bullitts website and from there the first thing to come across is a video, with a password. Now what use is that? Absolutely none, however the mystery behind little pieces just like this all add up to the whole mystery behind The Bullitts and their story.

By ignoring the industry rule book, The Bullitts are running with the theory of imagination, innovation and true individuality. There is a concept behind everything The Bullitts are doing, and this is darn exciting. They combine music with video and film all together into one musical journey of the senses.

Self described by Jeymes Samuel as “Action Adventure” – you get the feeling that The Bullitts can go either way when they “officially” launch everything. Some people will get it, some people will have no idea and switch Jeremy Kyle back on, then skip over to eBay to find a crotchless onesie.

The debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories is scheduled for release in the summer (I believe, don’t quote me on it, what do you think? I’m a reliable source or something?) and is set to grip the music industry with this cinematic project. They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories is narrated by actress Lucy Liu who plays the lead character Amelia Sparks. Who is Amelia Sparks you say? Well, here is where it gets a little confusing, but super cool.

Amelia Sparks is the main character created by The Bullitts, whose story runs through the whole project. She is a murderer on the run who experiences dark, disturbing incidents that would leave anyone shaking in their Uggs. In a recent interview with Loud & Quiet magazine Jaymes explains: “Amelia Sparks is the story of a woman who felt like she was in chains and she wanted to be free of the constraints of your mundane, everyday adult experience,” he continues: “The older we get, the more boring and less daring we get. Amelia Sparks was a person who was in search of adventure. She’s searching for something else. She’s trying to find the reason for her existence. She falls deeper and deeper into this underworld of murder, terror and mayhem as she uncovers this conspiracy.” Sounds pretty heavy right? Also, where is this story?

Now here is the clever part: by using the power of Twitter, Amelia Sparks gives us a diary of all of the events this poor girl endures. By doing it this way The Bullitts have created something extremely unique to the music scene. The Twitter diary even has pictures, audio and movie clips to go along with the diary. Each day is posted into twitter, with several tweets after explaining the days events, such as one of her latest entries: “My name is Amelia Sparks. I have been captured, bruised, beaten… And sentenced to death.” – nice. Amelia reached Day 147, and now the days are simply “AMELIA SPARKS DIARY: DATE UNKNOWN” as Sparks has been captured: “Saul is here. I saw him earlier. But everything is changed now. He turned. He set me up. He had me captured.” The last tweet was back on the 8th of August 2011. So who knows what lies in store next for her.

Putting all the pieces together is going to be an extremely daunting task, but Jaynes Samuel has definitely got this in the bag. Having already bagged appearances from Jay Electronica, Tori Amos, Mos Def it’s not hard to see The Bullitts shoot into the industry with so much force.

The first single released by The Bullitts was back in April 2011 going by the title Close Your Eyes. Two versions appeared on the internet – one a full length unique video capturing legendary street dancer and Mutation Master STORYBOARD P freestyling to the single somewhere in Brooklyn. Those of you who caught this the first time around were mesmerized by the both the track and the dancing. You can still sit and watch this on repeat even 6 months on.

Backing the whole project and teasing listeners has been BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe. Pretty much each single released by The Bullitts has donned the title “Hottest Record In The World” – and deservedly so.

The moral of this story is, check these out before they are way too hot for even Zane Lowe. The latest single SuperCool was released at the end of November and it’s an absolute banger.

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