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Unpacking day today; the best part of moving in my opinion. Allocating your possession into a new place thus making it your own. Wonderful. This was my office before, managed to place a mirror up and my desk. Cables have been a little bit of a nightmare as there is […]


PHP coding

Today starts the long process of learning the most complicated scripting language I have ever seen. After taking on the project of Digital Marketer for Pro Health Solutions I took my first glimpse into the world of PHP and instantly regret it. That shit is hard! I have downloaded some […]

I have taken on the role of Digital Marketer for a new innovative Fitness company called ProHealth Solutions. The aim is to build the ultimate fitness website for professionals and fitness enthusiast from across the UK. The website is all set-up and I’m dying to get working on it. The […]


Your Skin

Anyone actually sat and looked at their skin? Its just phenomenal. The years of evolution, the types, colours, textures. This is a material that is actually a miracle. It repairs, itself. Now think about that logically. What other material can do that. I’m just sat starring at my hands for […]

Anyone wear glasses? How much fun is it when you are cooking and open the oven door to find a huge delayed woft of steam into your face. Completely blind now you are dealing with a roasting hot face and trying to tackle the cooking. Exciting isn’t it. With a […]