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Well, not actual shit. They do shit, but not, well …. You know what I mean. This is jess, and she sits like a troll. She is an inspiration to us all. I’m becoming more addicted to this blog, I feel I should write something every two seconds. But then […]

One of my favourite electronic music labels deserves a shout out on my blog. Here is their newsletter, you must check out some of their artists. Especially Ultre. Its 2010! Firstly a warmly delivered HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 2010 is looking to be a very interesting year for […]

Myspace has been around for along time now and it’s had alot of shtick. So a few months back, I opened up a new account for a fresh start. Within two months the account had over 600 friends. How does that work? It’s fair to say it has been over […]