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This video was sent from all people, my dad. It’s debatable how real it is but the percussion and thought gone into it is amazing. You know what to do with that old nissan sat on your drive now? Turn it into a musical instrument. –

Offering nothing new to the music scene, Sparks The Rescue’s first album is by far the most annoying piece of teenage butt rock to hit our record stores. What makes it so annoying you may wonder? Well, like many pop songs, they manage to get into your head some way […]

Following the release of their debut album; Oracular Spectacular, MGMT became huge. Tracks that stood out on the album have now been released as singles. ‘Kids’ is a very clever pop song. Multi layered, cool samples, and some mind blowing production. The ‘Kids’ has a refreshing youthful sound, with synth […]

This gig flew by so quickly, and that’s a good thing. The Preston based indie four piece got off to a great start with what I assumed was the intro to their set, rather than an actual song. The intro was different, progressive and catchy, then they started playing actual […]

Tonight’s venue seemed to be filling up nicely. I walked in halfway through what looked like the lead singer from The View playing an acoustic set. But no, this was a gentle, timid, quiet and unforgettable Karmina Francis. Such a powerful voice seemed inconceivable from this delicate artist. In-between songs […]