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So, to the return of the Californian Soul four piece, Cold War Kids. If you were a fan of their debut Robbers And Cowards, then you are automatically a fan of Loyalty To Loyalty. The album is similar in many ways, yet different in others. In our two-year wait for […]

I want to believe that Hip Hop/Thug Rap does still exist in it’s entirety of unique complex rhythms, clever lyrics and a whole bunch of street bad ass attitude. Plies album – ‘Definition of real’, is an acquired taste, with laid back beats and chilled out vocals. I wish I […]

There aren’t many bands with this brand of weird timing and de-tuned sounding riffs at the moment in the UK, but even if there were, Deaf Havana would still be at the top of their league. Mixing brutal riffs with a very light pop-style voice on occasions makes the EP […]

Designer clothing has matured over time, providing both style and quality unrivaled by the everyday clothing retailer. The appeal of such branded clothing is multifold, not only do they provide for a rewarding and fine-looking appearance amongst social groups but they provide a higher status in a professional environment too. […]