In a fit of creative frenzy, East London trio Waylayers decided to spoil us rotten with a shiny new song every week! Yes that’s right, they are writing, recording and posting a new track on their Facebook page ( each Saturday for the foreseeable future, accompanied by a homemade video… Now that’s hardcore!

For Saturday 20th August, they gave us the amazing sing along synth-pop anthem, ‘Magnets’ – which you can listen to here: Magnets – YouTube

This week Waylayers have broadened their pop sensibility with another dreamy synth-laden tune called ‘Silver Feeling’. Check out the homemade video here: SIlver Feeling – YouTube

Keep checking Waylayers’ Facebook page for more updates and their single ‘Hear No Lies’ (Hear No Lies – YouTube) will be available to download from iTunes on 14th September. They are also playing the following gig if you want to check them out live:

Sat 10th September @The Borderline – stage time 9pm (Welcome to Facebook – Log In, Sign Up or Learn More)

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