PART 6 OF THE FACEBOOK PLEDGE – this is a good un

East London based trio, Waylayers, have embarked on an extremely demanding mission which pushes the boundaries of their creativity and song writing process. This mission, which they have chosen to accept, is to write, record, mix and post a new track to their Facebook page every single week. Six weeks in to this Facebook pledge and, despite a lack of sleep and constant pressure to deliver to their fans, the boys are still creating some amazing tunes, proving they can produce both quality and quantity.
This week’s pledge track is calledS.O.S (Leave Alone)’. Lead singer Harry delivers an airy vocal, which floats stunningly above an arresting and incredibly catchy electro indie-pop track. Check it out here:Keep checking the Waylayers Facebook page for more updates. Track 7 of the pledge will be out on Saturday and you can support the band by buying their debut single Hear No Lies’which is currently available to download from iTunes. The band will also be touring Germany in December… Sind Sie bereit, Deutschland?

Pledge Tracks:

Pledge 1 – out 20th August – Magnets’

Pledge 2 – out 27th August – Silver Feeling’

Pledge 3 – out 3rd September – G’old

Pledge 4 – out 10th September – Like We Used To’

Pledge 5 – out 17th September – Awake: Asleep (Frozen Motion)

Pledge 6 – out 24th September – S.O.S (Leave Alone)

Tour Dates:
11.10.2011: Notting Hill Arts Club, London UK
15.10.2011: Breakconvention Live @ The Borderline, London UK
09.12.2011: Dortmund FZW
10.12.2011: Magnet Club – Berlin
12.12.2011: Molotow – Hamburg
16.12.2011: Amp – Münster

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