Pat Sharpe to go head-to-head with Fatima Whitbread

Pat Sharpe and Fatima Whitbread face elimination from the ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ jungle.

The ‘Fun House’ presenter and former Olympic athlete must go head-to-head in a special challenge after polling the fewest number of public votes, with the loser having to leave camp immediately.

Upon hearing the news he will face Fatima, Pat appeared convinced he will be going home.

He said: “It’s going to take an Olympian [to beat her]. Goodbye!”

If Pat does leave the camp, they will be left without a “skivvy” as Willie Carson and Lorraine Chase have been appointed Prince and Princess of the jungle and had to assign roles to their fellow celebrities, much to the unhappiness of the DJ.

He said: “I’ve got the job of skivvy which means I have to attend to their bed and their every need. I’m very upset about the role. Gutted.”

However, some of the other contestants may prefer to see Fatima exit the show as they are getting infuriated by her interfering, with Lorraine and Antony Cotton believing her actions stem from her competitive nature.

Lorraine said: “If someone is settled, it seems to be a competition to get them unsettled and then the person she’s unsettled to go down.

“We’ve all learned to give Antony a certain amount of space but it is a certain psychological competitiveness, I don’t think it’s premeditated, Fatima instinctively has that edge. It is attention seeking, like wanting to take another child’s toy. I went to help this afternoon and I know now when it sets in with her and I told her to get on with it. I learned to walk away and that’s what you do.”

Antony said: “She’s got no idea about cooking and she was watching me as I was doing the cooking and it was goading. It’s a strategy and a bit of jealousy. She takes everyone’s power away, if you are going up in an aeroplane, she’ll come on top of you in a helicopter. She does it because she’s thinking how good it will look if she’s doing everything and people go ‘God she’s a super woman.’ ”

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