Paul Kalkbrenner UK Show Announced-London KOKO


Following the release of his fifth studio album and a variety of European festival appearances, Paul Kalkbrenner has announced a show at London’s Koko in November

Even though reality shows have been trying to prove otherwise, a successful career as a musician, indeed as a pop star, cannot be forced with a pre-packaged crash course. As of 2010, Paul Kalkbrenner has tallied up more than 15 years of experience as a producer and live act, all the while learning what it means to go purposefully from one step to the next.

The early 90s were formative years for a young Paul Kalkbrenner as well. Eventually, in one of many long and sleepless nights on the dance floors of E-Werk, Planet and Whale, the dream was born to make music himself, and anything less important would be put aside. A job as TV editor got him through the mid-90s and financed his first music gear.

By this point Paul had already decided that he did not want to be a typical DJ playing other people’s records, but rather to play only his own music, live in a club setting. His first tracks were released in 1999 on Berlin-based Bpitch Control (the newly founded label from Ellen Allien) as the Friedrichshain EP, titled after his home district in the city’s east. A series of further singles and two full-lengths (Superimpose and Time) followed, plus continuous live performances that threatened to shatter the grid of his calendar.

Together with Paul Kalkbrenner, Bpitch Control gained a strong momentum. Interviews in respected German magazines like Spex and De:Bug paved the way for regular international bookings. The Lufthansa fetishist had now become a frequent flyer. Paul’s third album Self (2004) would mark the beginning of a new era. His melodic sound, with its affinity for grand emotional gestures, obeyed the logic of the dance floor, but Self introduced a narrative aesthetic, serving as a soundtrack to a film that didn’t exist (at least, not yet…). It was Paul’s most musical and mature album to date, although still taking cues from the dance floor and rave culture, offering a first glimpse of what was yet to come. "Gebrünn Gebrünn”, released one year later, became a crossover hit found in everyone DJ’s record bag and finally cemented Paul’s status as a Techno MVP.

Paul has had sold out shows all over the world. And more recently his 2010 tour was documented and captured on film by Berlin finest visual and video artists “Die Pfadfinderei”. They recorded 15 shows on a high quality level with 5 – 8 different cameras. Directed by Max Penzel who was also involved at Berlin Calling film the DVD project “2010 – A live documentary”. It features 10 Tracks recorded and filmed at locations all over Europe. A second part of the DVD gives us insight into Paul Kalkbrenner’s history and his life on the road. After the official release on Paul Kalkbrenner Musik in December 2010 the DVD reached the “Gold” status in March 2011.

At the 3rd of June 2011 Paul Kalkbrenner releases his fifth 10 track studio album „ICKEWIEDER“ on his own label Paul Kalkbrenner Musik. In the following weeks Paul will be on stage at lots of Festivals all over the world. His long-lasting concert tour starts early September and Paul heads to the UK this November for a one off show at London’s Koko on the 13th.

Tickets are £15 and are on sale Friday 26 August @ 9am.