Planzai – Ready made plans for DIY Band Management available now!

These days, being in a band means much more than writing and performing great songs. In order to get ahead in the music industry and make money, you need to promote your music, build long-term relationships with fans and the media. Don’t know where to start? Planzai is a web and mobile service that helps you get started by providing step-by-step tasks and expert tips, and reminders to keep you on track.

For much less than the price of a pint, DIY artists and budding managers can now find step-by-step plans for important projects such as how to release an album, prepare for a gig, record a demo and build a press kit at Planzai | instant expert.

If you’re serious about starting your career in music and reaching the largest audience for your music, Planzai may just be the answer to your problems. The service has plans to suit different bands at various career levels.

The service was conceived by DIY enthusiast and bass player Rich Dale – “i came up with the idea for Planzai when i released that i could save myself time and money by putting all the stuff i’ve learned about band management into reusable plans. That means other people don’t have to make the same mistakes I did!

“For example, I found that I didn’t allow enough time for release projects as I just didn’t realise how early you need to get review copies to the media. Planzai has all these important tasks worked out, so you can act more professionally and make the most of you music.

If you’re just getting started, plans for ‘How To Make A Demo’ and ‘How to Prepare for a Gig’ will help you make a quality demo, get gigs and then make the most of them.

‘How to Promote A Record Release’ is aimed at anyone who wants to promote an album. It shows all the steps, including those that most newbies miss. Its invaluable for anyway who doesn’t want to waste valuable time, money and recordings.

Planzai makes it easy to take these projects on. With all the steps already worked out, our simple app lets you focus on the next important task, keeps you on track with reminders, and also lets you assign tasks to other people to give you a hand.

Visit Planzai | instant expert to learn more and get started.

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