I want to believe that Hip Hop/Thug Rap does still exist in it’s entirety of unique complex rhythms, clever lyrics and a whole bunch of street bad ass attitude. Plies album – ‘Definition of real’, is an acquired taste, with laid back beats and chilled out vocals.

I wish I could go back back to the days of D12, DMX, 50 Cent, they were good times, tracks like ‘In Da Club’ (50 Cent) were incredibly popular back then, but I fear no clubs will be playing Plies attempt at a hit record.

Don’t get me wrong, 200,000 copies sold in the first week of release and with two gold albums under his belt, Plies is obviously doing a good job, but I can’t help thinking where is the progression in this genre?

This record is Gangster/Thug rap, expectations of violence, abuse, money, and bad attitude are required, this album doesn’t fail to provide these contraband. With tracks like ‘Dat B**ch’, ‘Bushes’ and ‘S**t Bag’ fulfilling these expectations.

The track for me that stands out the most, I hate to say is track 6, Somebody (Loves You). It features a beautiful vocal sample/music by Soul/Gospel singer Patti LaBelle. Track 11 – Bust It Baby (Part 2) – (featuring Ne-Yo) also features music sampled from Janet Jackson’s love ballad ‘Come Back To Me’. ‘Watch Dis’ (Track 8), on listening over and over again gets into your head, with a Vocoder effect on the voice making it really cool.

The album overall seems roughly made, rushed in a way, no real outstanding music or lyrics. A typical, non-diverse rap record. Maybe for the masses of Hooded youths blasting songs out of very expensive mobile phones causing havoc on our streets. Each track simply makes you want to skip to the next track, then the next track until you find yourself right at the beginning again.

‘Who Hotter than Me’ …..erm sorry Plies, but a lot of other artists are!

Tracks to listen to:
6. Somebody (Loves You)
8. Watch Dis
11. Bust It Baby (Part 2) – (featuring Ne-Yo)
15. #1 Fan – (featuring J. Holiday/Keyshia Cole)

For fans of: T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Jamie Foxx etc

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