Princess Chelsea and Pikachunes land in USA for East Coast shows including CMJ.

Two artists on New Zealand’s 60’s pop-influenced Lil’ Chief Records label have landed stateside for a series of shows on the East coast. Princess Chelsea will release the debut album Lil’ Golden Book this week and Pikachunes with do the same with its self-titled debut. Both acts are led primarily by solo artists – Chelsea Nikkel being the Princess and Miles McDougall being the man behind Pikachunes. Both artists will be holing up in Brooklyn during their stay, awaiting a farewell performance to take place during CMJ at NYC’s Le Poisson Rouge club.

Over three years in the making, Princess Chelsea’s Lil’ Golden Book is the first collection of what her label describes as “the soundtrack to an old Disney movie meeting Kraftwerk fronted by Enya in a 60’s production of ‘Les Miserables’ set in space.” The album’s first single and video “The Cigarette Duet” dishes up a catchy 60’s style pop duet reminiscent of Nancy & Lee. The humorous his / her argument about smoking combines witty, direct lyricism with shimmering pop arrangements and one of the catchiest guitar solos you’ll hear for a while.

The recording of New Zealander Miles McDougall’s debut Pikachunes album came about after he fractured his ulna while skateboarding, an injury that required reconstructive surgery. At the time, McDougall was majoring in Jazz performance on drums and the injury left him unable to play. Instead, he created Pikachunes, a first person account of the turmoil of moving to a new city to build a name as a musician. “All you have to do is write a bass line and then everybody wants to know your name,” McDougall sings in the single “Nervous,” sounding like he may know plenty about the US music scene already.

“The Cigarette Duet” is the first single and video from “Lil’ Golden Book” by Princess Chelsea.
Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet by fanaticpro

“Nervous” is the first single from the debut album by Pikachunes.
Pikachunes – "Nervous" by fanaticpro

Princess Chelsea & Pikachunes Live09/07 Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall Lips, Mighty Moon
09/10 New York, NY @ Cin-M-Art Space (43 Murray St.) David & Goliath Music Festival, 930PM (Princess Chelsea only)
09/14 Baltimore, MD @ The Depot w/ Supercute!
09/16 Brooklyn, NY @ XPO 929

09/24 Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire Philly Film & Music Festival (Princess Chelsea only)
09/30 New York, NY @ Pianos

10/07 Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ Preston Spurlock, Ching Ching
10/18 New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge CMJ 2011

Princess Chelsea

Lil’ Golden Book

Track Listing:

01. Machines of Loving Grace
02. Yulia
03. Ice Reign
04. Monkey Eats Bananas
05. Caution Repetitive
06. The Cigarette Duet

07. Too Fast To Live
08. Overseas

09. Frack
10. Goodnight Little Robot Child

11. Ice Reign (Reprise)

Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet by fanaticpro



Track Listing:

01. Holiday
02. Just A Boy
03. Disco Baby
04. New Fiend
05. Nervous

06. Tonight
07. Metronome

08. You’re Alright

Pikachunes – "Nervous" by fanaticpro

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