Queen Elizabeth upset by documentary

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is “hurt” by a documentary about her cousins.

The 85-year-old monarch is upset about the Channel 4 show ‘The Queen’s Hidden Cousins’, which tells the story of Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon and how they reportedly were put in a mental institution as they suffered from learning difficulties.

Lady Elizabeth Anson – another one of the queen’s cousins and a close confidante – said: “I thought it was such an unfair thing to do to the queen and I know she was very hurt about it.”

Although the queen did not watch the documentary, Lady Elizabeth did and says she found it quite upsetting.

She told Britain’s Daily Telegraph: “I watched it and I was horrified. I was dreading it as soon as I found out they were making the show.

“It’s an intrusion of privacy.”

She also accused Channel 4 of “ignoring the facts, as the sisters have always been looked after by that family”.

Elizabeth also says Katherine – who is now 85 – is well looked after in a care home suited to her needs.

She added: “She has regular visits, too.”

The documentary also claimed John Bowes-Lyon never visited his daughters – the nieces of the late Queen Mother – as they grew up but failed to mention he had died in 1930.