Many of the gaming headlines of 2016 have focused upon how the likes of Oculus Rift are going to grant us all brand new virtual reality futures. But for a hardcore gaming fraternity, it seems that the gaming hits of yesteryear continue to hold a great deal of fascination.

From archaic titles that have inspired fashion and retro gaming events, to websites that cater to the online roulette revival, it seems that there’s nothing like simple gameplay and a few pixellated graphics to make a large impact in 2016.

Retro gaming trends in 2016

A quick look at the big name releases of 2016 reveals that we’re still enthralled by many iconic video games characters of the 20th century. As Ryu approaches his 30th birthday in this year’s Street Fighter V release, it’s a good reminder how embedded certain characters are in our gaming culture.

And Nintendo have certainly cemented their retro gaming credentials by announcing that Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog will team up for a special Rio 16 Olympics video game that will also be accompanied by the revival of all-things Pokemon as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

However, some recently-revived games go even further back than the dark ages of the 1980s as has been witnessed by the likes of Betway’s digital gaming site that gives players the chance to see if your lucky number wins in their retro games of online roulette.

Retro gaming trends in 2016 - man playing retro game

And even the nerdiest of retro games have been treated to a rebirth as the recent revamp of Warhammer illustrates. But where retro games really excel is where they provide a focus for all of the vintage gamers to get together in some of the surprisingly popular retro gaming festivals that have started popping up around the globe.

2016 has already seen some big retro gaming events in the UK with the likes of Play Expo Blackpool dazzling vintage gamers with Tekken tournaments, games of Manic Miner on the Spectrum ZX, and even some deeply weird retro Cosplay events.

Retro gaming trends in 2016 - arcade

And whilst these vintage games may seem a little anachronistic to today’s evermore advanced digital trends, the fact that Vans footwear have embraced retro gaming with their own Zelda-themed shoes shows that sometimes the oldest games make the biggest impression.

So whether you’re into online roulette, or prefer spending your time trying to get the fastest lap-time on the fiendishly difficult Out Run racing game, it seems that retro gaming is going to be big news in 2016.

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