RightView Pro Adds Strategic Partners for Advanced Video Analysis at Every Level

Originated by former Major Leaguer Don Slaught, RightView Pro was started in 2001 after Slaught had accepted a baseball coaching position at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. “I wanted to show my players what the best hitters in the world were doing, and I discovered very quickly that I needed a coaching tool,” Slaught said. “I was dealing with 60 kids in a two-hour practice, and I needed to specialize in what I was teaching each one.”

Slaught’s first product was a collection of still photographs, using a VCR analog system to display them. But, after consulting with Major League Baseball, work began on the first software program in conjunction with MLB. Today, the 10-year old company has greatly expanded and offers a full line of instructional and analysis systems for the part-time coach working with his or her players on a limited basis, all the way to college, international and professional teams.

An exciting new development launching this December is the RVP mobile app for video anaylsis. For just $9.99, the RVP app enables Apple and Android users to capture swings and pitching motions directly to their phone. Coaches and players will be able to compare and sync with pro models, draw lines, and step forward and backward frame by frame. Users will even be able to share video with their RVP analysis system for advanced analysis.

RVP users should also keep a lookout for the RVP Branded Academies to share talk and draws with students online. Through this “locker-type” system, coaches can post lessons and communicate with their players, which should be especially helpful during breaks or for coaches who see players only once or twice a week.

In addition, RightView Pro is excited to announce a partnership with Bloomberg Sports, which is also the new analytic partner for Major League Baseball. “When we partnered with Bloomberg, we wanted to provide the best analytic experience for our baseball and softball clients. Specifically, we wanted to concentrate on delivering relevant reports to the sport of softball. Not only are we focusing on benchmarking softball related events, but adding the nuances that only pertain to softball. We’ve asked a handful of coaches including Mike Candrea, Kelly Inouye-Perez and Lisa Fernandez to work with Bloomberg to produce these softball-specific reports, which will serve as an upgrade to our top-of-the-line Stadium Edition,” said Misti Guenther, RightView Pro executive director. Through the upgrade, RVP clients will have online access to analytics that include statistical benchmarks and grading with visualizations that Bloomberg Sports has developed for its MLB products, in addition to services to measure and improve performance.

About RightView Pro

RightView Pro was founded by former Major League Baseball Player, Don Slaught. Slaught’s vision was to create a tool where kids and coaches could communicate and easily identify flaws in the swing and pitching motion. He felt strongly, that the only way to do this was with models of Major League Baseball players and professional softball players. Don went to Major League Baseball and in the end…, they agreed that kids and coaches needed models to compare to.

Today, RightView Pro is the only video analysis software company licensed by MLB, MLB Player’s Association and the National Pro Fastpitch League.

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