Robin Gibb thought he was getting better

Robin Gibb thought “everything had gone back to normal” after his successful treatment for an intestinal blockage.

The Bee Gees star was revealed to have liver cancer in the last week and his diagnosis with the disease came as a real blow to the singer as he thought he had overcome his health worries after undergoing emergency surgery on his intestine in 2010.

Speaking of the 2010 ordeal, he told the Daily Mail newspaper: “All this time I’d thought it was wind cramps. But the surgeon said that was typical of the way it manifests. The blockage was so bad that he was surprised it hadn’t burst the day before, but it was too dangerous to delay any longer.

“The relief was enormous, and afterwards I needed no painkillers. Not even an aspirin. I have a vegetarian diet, and a great appetite. Everything seemed to go back to normal.”

An intestinal blockage caused the death of Robin’s twin brother Maurice in 2003, which he has never recovered from, adding: “We were like one person, with one soul.”

Speaking of his brother’s illness, Robin – who was in the Bee Gees with Maurice and their elder brother Barry, who is currently staying with him in the UK to support him in his recovery – said: “In two days he had gone. We were absolutely devastated. As brothers we were like one person.

“Me and Barry have always been the principal writers of the Bee Gees’ sound and Maurice was the glue that kept the personalities intact. We were kind of triplets really.

“I feel blessed I was born into a family that had Barry and Maurice in it. On a creative level it’s like winning the lottery – you can’t choose that.”

The 61-year-old singer’s health worries worsened when he was hospitalised and treated for an inflamed colon in October, and he was then taken to hospital again last week as he suffered side-effects from his cancer.

Despite his condition, Robin remains positive and has told his fans he’s “on the road to recovery”.

Writing a blog on his official website this week, he explained: “I am very touched by your love, kindness and support. This concern from people all over the world has demonstrated the depth of feeling and love that the Bee Gees have achieved over the years.

“It is humbling and I take your prayers and good wishes for my health very seriously. I have been very unwell and am now on the road to recovery, and your prayers and wishes are a great tonic to me.

“I believe because of you I will get well and my deepest love goes out to you all. Robin xxxx (sic).”