Roots Manuva – Get the Get

Roots Manuva – Get the Get

The first single from Roots Manuva’s upcoming album 4everevolution is a kinetic, snappy dancefloor tune, driven by a beat that would slot happily into the soundtrack of an eye-twitching 1980s arcade game.

Rodney Smith’s flow is as accomplished as ever, his raps sounding energetic and totally controlled at the same time. Indeed, some fans might have preferred a greater proportion of Smith’s verses rather than Get the Get’s chorus / beat-heavy vibe.

Either way, Smith sounds more like a lisping, fanatical lifecoach towards the end of this little banger, encouraging all to proclaim themselves Suavay, in what I’m informed is a pun on Italian wine (“soave”), and Roots’ latest term for dancing in personal style (“getting suavay”).

Up-and-coming singer Rokhsan provides the vocals on the chorus, and overall Get the Get is a decent song, and might well grow catchier after a few listens. That said, it’d be surprising (and a touch disappointing, given Smith’s considerable skills) if it was the highlight of 4everevolution.

There are of course also a couple of remixes. Breakage’s jungle-tinged tilt strips down the vocals to the bare minimum, looping one of Smith’s lines over snares and no-nonsense bass to very good effect. It’s simple and works well, and the rapper’s vocal chords deserve credit for not becoming annoying even when being repeated for several minutes.

Slugabed’s rework is a touch more ambitious, throwing stomping drums, squelchy riffs and slithery synths at the canvas to see what sticks. It’s a grower, and while it might be a little crowded for some, it’s refreshing to hear a couple of remixes that do a bit more with the raw material than just slapping some FX on the vocals.

More quality from Roots Manuva then, and with suggestions that the upcoming album might be his best since Run Come Save Me, fans will no doubt be eagerly awaiting 26th September to see what else 4everevolution has to offer.

You can listen to Get the Get below: