Recorded with Jim Moginie, ‘Cinema Songs’ was originally intended as an accompaniment to her most recent album, the critically lauded ‘As Day Follows Night’, which took influences from the works of famous composers such as Henry Mancini and Sergio Leone. Sarah and Jim had long talked about getting together and recording a couple of old show tunes, while Sarah’s personal blog ‘Theatre Blasko’ finds her discussing favoured films, directors and actors just as often as she does music.

Initially titled ‘Cinema Blasko’ the EP was first released with the deluxe edition of ‘As Day Follows Night’ in Australia. Now ‘Cinema Songs’ sees a release in the UK and Europe to coincide with Sarah’s forthcoming acoustic tour. With Sarah’s bewitching vocals taking centre stage, the emphasis is on providing an intimacy to the songs so that they can stand on their own without the visuals they are associated with – in her own words, “It’s really very straight forward. A piano, a voice and a room. You could imagine you were in a tiny, smoky old piano bar and it would probably be close to the sound we were trying to achieve.”

‘Cinema Songs’ is a peek behind the curtain at the various influences and performers who originally inspired the young Sarah to find her own voice.

Sarah Blasko will play a series of acoustic dates around the UK and Europe in October with her long-time guitarist Ben Fletcher and pianist Matt Gest.

8th October Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach, UK

9th October Louisiana, Bristol, UK

10th October The Duchess, York, UK

11th October Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, UK

12th October Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, UK

13th October Sacred Trinity, Manchester, UK

14th October Bush Hall, London, UK

15th October Green Store Door, Brighton, UK

26th October Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

27th October Hafen 2, Offenbach, Germany

28th October Sudhouse, Basel, Switzerland

29th October Heartland Festival, Vevey, Switzerland

‘Cinema Songs’ – Sarah’s Track-By-Track

‘Seems Like Old Times’ from ‘Annie Hall’. This was the first time I’d heard this song, even though it’s an old standard. Diane Keaton performs it in such an irresistible and natural way in the film that I knew I wanted to do a version of the song based on her rendition. ‘Annie Hall’ is one of my favourite films.

‘Something Good’ from ‘The Sound Of Music’. This is also one of my favourite films, I used to watch it on television every year with my family. It runs for about 3 hours but I always loved it, even as a child. This song is from a lovely moment in the film when Captain Von Trapp & Maria finally admit that they are in love. It’s sung as a duet in the film, but I decided to do a solo version! I love the sentiment of the song – that you reap the rewards of something good done long ago for the happiness you now find.

‘Maybe This Time’ from ‘Cabaret’. This is one of my favourite musicals, and Liza Minnelli is luminous in the film. She is so full of character and expression that it’s amazing to watch. I felt the theme of the song really suited my frame of mind at the time. It’s one of the most "show-tunesy" and it’s in a style I’ve never really sung in before, but I love the boldness of it.

‘Out Here On My Own’ from ‘Fame’. I grew up with this movie and I have never been able to resist this song. I sort of knew I wanted to be a singer and a songwriter when I saw Irene Carter sing this in the film. She’s sitting at the piano in one of the rehearsal rooms!

‘Xanadu’ from ‘Xanadu’. My mother was a huge Olivia Newton-John fan and I remember hearing a live version of this first. I didn’t see the film until years later and thought it was pretty terrible, but I still love the song. It was written by Jeff Lynne from ELO. There’s another song from the movie that I love too, it’s called ‘Magic’.

Sarah Blasko