SAVES THE DAY- Album Stream & New Video

“For me, ‘Deranged & Desperate’ is about longing to be at peace with who you are,” remarked lead singer Chris Conley. “In a complicated world where we are under pressure to succeed, sometimes we lose ourselves trying to prove to our parents and peers that we are worthy and without fault. The video paints a picture of our ability to overcome the pressures of the world by showing children in adult clothing holding morose drawings and then dropping the drawings and shedding the clothes to reveal colorful kid attire and smiling faces. It was inspiring working with Penta, and his gift of clear vision helped create a beautiful visual interpretation of the song.”

Director Stephen Penta added, “I wanted the Deranged and Desperate video to reflect the feeling of losing your way but finding it again, so I set out collecting drawings from artist friends. The concept was to have adults create drawings using only "childlike" materials, but to have all the themes deal with specifically "adult" aspects of their personal lives, or directly with lines and themes from the Saves the Day lyrical catalog. There was something that just seemed a perfect fit pairing the imagery of ids, forced into adult clothes, throwing away their adult stress and getting back to their natural childlike state.”

Daybreak is also now streaming in full at Visit each day to read exclusive track by track song descriptions leading up to the album release on September 13th.

Forerunners of the emo scene since their inception in 1997, Saves The Day are one of the few that have survived the test of time for almost fifteen years. Produced by Marc Jacob Hudson (Two Tongues, Chiodos) and Saves The Day, the much anticipated Daybreak is the final piece of a three album concept trilogy that started with the 2006 release Sound The Alarm and the 2008 release Under The Boards.

Saves The Day formed in 1997, releasing their debut album Can’t Slow Down in 1998 and followed by Through Being Cool in 1999. 2001’s Stay What You Are spawned the memorable "At Your Funeral" as the band continued to evolve and grow. 2003’s In Reverie peaked at #27 on the Billboard Top 200, becoming the third Saves The Day album to chart on the Billboard Top 200. In 2006, the band began its concept trilogy, which is now being completed in 2011 with Daybreak.